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It is very important to get the pricing of your book right the first time it is the same concept as any commercial product. Both the retailer and the consumer must feel they are getting value for their money. We suggest that authors must never price their books based on their competitor’s pricing structure. The industry-standard, profit margin is capped at 40% of the list price, this means that if a retailer wants to stock your book they would look at two things:

1.  Is your book good enough for re-sale?

2.  Could your book bring in a 40% return?

Always remember that before the retailer considers any deal, they want to ensure that they can make a return on their investment. If the retailer feels that your book could be a risk over your competitor, then they will choose the competitor over you. This may sound unfair, but this is business and retailers are all about serious business. Of course, you also want to earn profits for all of your creativity, time, investment, and for bringing your idea to life from draft to physical copy. The value of a book is based on the content and not only the look of it. Some of the highest-priced titles can usually be found on academic books as they tend to have more years of research put into them.

Here is an example of how to determine the retail price for your book and what royalty payments you may achieve in return:

Book Cover Type: Paperback Book

Size: 5” x 8”

Page Count: 250

Interior: Black & White (Greyscale)

Exterior: Full-Colour 

Retail Price: £10.00 GBP

Author Royalty Percentage: 60%

Retailer Discount: 40% 

Cost of Printing: £ 4.50 GBP

Author Royalty Payout: £1.50 GBP (per book sale)

*This cost breakdown is an example only, showing you how retailers charge to list your book and the average earning rates on titles within the UK*

Royalty Payouts

On all Books Listed Through us:

We calculate royalty payments on a rolling basis.

Royalties are paid to authors bi-annually in April and December.

Royalty Payments Calendar:

Earnings less than £10 is rolled over to the next calendar.


Your book remains 100% copyright to you, the author.

We assign all books with a copyright page and an activated QR barcode.

Cancellation Policy

If you ever decide to cancel your publishing contract with us, we will cancel your title and send you the final book files.

After the initial cancellation, agreements will be signed off and all of your files will be deleted from our internal systems.​

*This service is included in the author’s package, we do not offer this as a stand-alone service*

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