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Our eBook publishing service enables authors to have their eBooks available on major platforms such as; Amazon kindle direct, iBook, Kobo, Nook, and ready to download from Ipads, iPhones, Android smartphones and Tablets. With prices starting as low as £395 for existing clients and £595 for new clients. You too could have your eBook published and available for purchase in under 60 days!

You, the author, owns 100% of your eBooks copyright. A copyright page is assigned to all books we publish including eBooks. The average time it takes our production team to complete the conversion of a PDF or Word file to an eBook is approximately 10 business days. (This is dependant on your demands) Once we have your final approval to publish and distribute, it will take up to a week for it to appear on Amazon’s Kindle store. Between 2 and 4 weeks for your eBook to be fully activated and available on all other global e-tailers sites.

What's Included

All-Inclusive Package


An assigned ISBN number, and book data via Nielsen. Our production team will transfer your Word or PDF file into Mobi and ePub. Your eBook will be made available for sale internationally via all major platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct (KDP), iBooks, Kobo, Nook on Smartphones and Tablets.

Image Formatting

If you would like to use images in the Interior pages of your eBook, all images must be sent to us in PNG, JPEG or TIFF. The minimum resolution must be 300 DPI. You will need to supply your files with specific instructions for the right image placements within your eBook.

*On some eReader devices, images will appear in black & white*

Pricing Your eBook

Setting a price for your eBook is entirely up to you. If you have a printed book published, then we suggest pricing your eBook between 45% – 85% lower than your printed books RRP price. Your eBook should not be priced higher than a print book as there are no printing nor shipping costs. An eBook should be the cheapest option available to your readers. The average, standard price on eBooks in the UK is set at £3.99, however, it’s your story, your price so, you choose the value of your work!

eBook Proofs

We will send you the full PDF proof version of your eBook. You will also need to ensure that you have downloaded the e-Reader software to your device in order to receive the link to the published version. We will need to publish it prior to sending the link. Of course, you will have the opportunity to make any amendments to the final proofs before we send your eBook to production. If you have previously published your book with us, we will use the final approved proof instead, unless you have otherwise made changes.

Distributing Your Own eBook

Distributing an eBook yourself is a good idea if you have your own website to promote it. As eBooks are usually priced at a lower rate, the more copies you are able to sell the higher your profits will be. It is also totally legal to distribute your own eBook via your own distributional circles like social media and/or online store. If you were to choose this option, we would recommend that you purchase a (DRM) - Digital Rights Management service. Without Digital Rights Management, your eBook could be at high risk of being plagiarized. You will also need to ensure that you supply your customers with technical support if ever they run into any problems downloading or using the files. We would suggest that you wait at least 3-5 weeks after your eBook has been published to ensure that it is fully available to download on all sites.

Distributing Your eBook With Us

If you prefer to have your eBook distributed through Smodè Publications, we are more than happy to assist you with this. You will automatically be enrolled onto the author's all-inclusive package and you will be charged at the standard rate for this package. Royalty Payments: You will receive 25% of the net value of your eBook. For example, if you price your eBook at £4.99, you will get £1.24 per eBook sale.​ Royalty payments due are paid out twice per year in April and December and sales reports will be sent to you every April and December.

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