Professional Proof Reading & Editing

Almost every writer understands the importance of having their work checked over before publishing it. This is usually done by a professional who has the required knowledge for grammar, punctuation, spelling and general consistency of novels. In order to have your book presented in the best possible way, it should be proofed prior to production by someone other than you, the writer. You never know who will purchase your book once it is available for sale, so you don’t want to make the mistake of rushing the process when errors can be easily rectified at the beginning stages of production. Remember that readers like to have a novel that is of high quality and reads well, if there is mistakes or irritating errors this may result in negative feedback or negative online reviews, which all authors aim to avoid by any means. Our all-inclusive editing package grants writers the opportunity to focus on what matters most, producing great content.

What's Included

All-Inclusive Package

Our professional editing packaging includes proof-reading and copy-editing. Paying close attention to details and care we will ensure that your manuscript is thoroughly checked for even the slightest errors. Our advanced built-in software checks for mistakes, errors and tracks changes prior to the production stage. You will gain feedback, instructions, and the cleaned version of your manuscripts with all suggested changes for acceptance.

The total word count must be 40,000 words minimum to be applicable for this service.

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