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Smodè Publications team are passionate about the work we produce. We pride ourselves on creating outstanding solutions for all. Having worked with hundreds of self-published authors worldwide we understand just how challenging it can be to do all the work yourself. This is why we have worked hard in developing quality yet affordable, comprehensive publishing packages. Offering a full 360 project management from start to finish, you will be assigned to one of our in-house production staff. You will receive our full support 24/7 via email, telephone and WhatsApp messenger. We ensure that your book has a smooth transition from manuscript to the final product paying close attention to the finest details.

What's Included

All-Inclusive Package

Sample Review

Once you have submitted your authors’ application to us, you will be required to submit a sample copy of your books manuscript for review. This should include the total word and image count of your book which will allow us to give you accurate recommendations for proof-reading and editing. (if applicable)

Proof Reading

After your submission has been approved by our editorial board and we have received your books full manuscript and materials, you will be allocated with an account manager who will assist you all the way. One of our specialist editors will conduct the sample proof production. Sample proof production will include the first 10 pages of the interior of your book for your review and to check that you are pleased with the fonts, size and layout. Once approved, we will then begin the full production process for the first full proof. The first full proof includes the entire interior and exterior of your book for the final review and to adjust any changes in advance. (if applicable)

Professional Design and Layout

Our professional production team will design the interior, layout cover and exterior of your book in high resolution, ensuring that it is ready for print. Proofreading is thoroughly checking and correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation of a written manuscript as well as maintaining consistency of style. Copy-editing is suggesting any replacements of wording to improve the flow of text, fact-finding, checking references and warning the author of any possible legal implications such as copy-right. In order to ensure that your manuscript is ready for print, the interior needs to be prepared by selecting fonts, layout, formatting, and typography. To begin we will prepare the first 10 pages of your book then send this over to you for your approval. Once we have received the green-light, we will then complete the production of your book by professionally adding the layout and interior text of your book including, margins, bleeds, page numbers, chapter heading placements, spacing, indents etc. Our design team ensure that your book is of the highest quality grade, we will work closely with you to gain your intake and opinions along the journey.

Professionally Created Book Cover

One of the most important things that you should know about becoming a published author is the look and feel of your book. Your potential readers will not even look at your book or take it from the shelf if the front cover does not look professionally designed and intriguing. Our design team will put together a professional book cover. Whether you choose to have the finish of your book in paperback, case laminate hardback or a dust jacket we have the correct tools to bring your vision to life. If you have any images or your own design prepared, we will gladly use your preferred cover after we have completed the checks. We can also point you in the right direction to purchase inexpensive images if this is what you’d prefer. If you only have an image or a design in your head and you rather have a bespoke cover designed for you, simply express your idea to our design team and they will produce several mock-ups for you to view. You will never be left out in the cold, you will work together with one of our dedicated designers to come up with the perfect cover design.

Assigned ISBN Number

In order to sell your printed book on any website, or in stores it is a legal requirement that your book must have an ISBN – International Standard Book Number. Your book will have its own unique ISBN number assigned, this will enable you to sell your book via any bookstore or internet distributional website. All books published with us are assigned an ISBN number. If you ever decide to change the title of your book, or change your book from paperback to hardback then, a new ISBN number must be assigned to your book.


You will be able to re-order your book in bulk with no minimum order. We offer a print-on-demand service that allows you to order additional copies of your book at wholesale price + P&P. If you wish you can even order one at a time - our shipping and handling team will handle the delivery process for you. All you need to do is let us know how many copies you would like to order by sending your account manager an email and we will send you the unique link to place your order at the authors special discounted rate.

Free Print Copies

Upon receipt of your approval of the final proofs, your manuscripts will be sent to production and 5 free copies will be delivered straight to you. It takes between 5-14 days for UK deliveries and up to 30 days for international deliveries.

Copyright Ownership

You will receive full PDF proofs throughout the production process for your approval to ensure that you are happy with the results or to amend any parts of your work throughout.

Free Distribution

Your book will be fully prepared by our team to ensure that it is available for sale. 12 months free online distribution listing is Included in your authors publishing package. Your new book will be sent to online distribution stores and major international websites such as Smodè Publications, Waterstones, Foyles, Barnes & Noble, Amazon (UK/INTL), amongst many other platforms to increase your books exposure and profit. We will also ensure that your book obtains the maximum UK wholesale distribution coverage via Gardeners and Nielsen Book Data.

Legal Deposit With UK Libraries

By law, a copy of your book must be listed in a British Library. We not only do this for you but we will also send copies to the 5 major UK National Libraries including the University of Oxford Library, Cambridge University Library, The National Library of Wales, The National Library of Scotland, The Library of Trinity College, and The National Library of Dublin. After the first year, you may decide to renew or cancel these listings and we will get in touch prior to the due date, offering you renewal options. One year’s renewal cost £30.00 and two years is discounted at £60.00.


Once you have approved the interior and exterior cover copies, we will use the final print files to prepare a press release. 
This will include your books electronic data broadcasted out to our PR network, major international retailers, wholesalers and you will also receive exclusive headline press coverage in Smodè magazine.

Royalties & Sales Forecast

Of course, you will want to know how your book is selling, we will collate your sales figures and send them to you, along with any royalty payments you have earned with us if you choose us to be your sales representatives. Statements are sent out in April and December, occurring twice a year. Should you need to review your sales figures in-between you can send us a ‘statement request’ and we will run an up-to-date sales report for you.

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