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Our Ethos

We ensure that relationship building remains our first priority, going above and beyond to create tailored services for all. Whether you are looking for a skilled designer to design your next project or you are simply after a reliable print-on-demand service, with just one click, we will help you achieve your goals. No task is too big, and no project is too small for us! We also offer marketing materials, and revenue generation for projects through advertising, and sponsorship sales.

Who We Are

An innovative design, media organization, working across both partnered and owned media throughout the UK and Internationally. We specialize in content publishing, marketing, advertising, sales, digital, and print production. Our dedicated team of design experts, apply cutting-edge knowledge when it comes to producing compelling media solutions. We provide the best creative direction that enables our clients to drive the successful results that they are looking for.

What We Do

Smodè Publications is in-famous for generating engrossing experiences, that set the scene and standards for revolutionary thinking in design. Putting clients at the forefront of our business has produced many successful results and proud moments. We provide tailored solutions that enable our clients to connect and create impactful, captivating messaging across to their target audience. Our complex structure allow brands to successfully, elevate to the next level and improve user engagement.

How We Work

The Smodè brand started out as a niche Fashion media outlet back in 2018 and is now a fast-growing, international organisation. With growth continually expanding year after year, the Smodè success story is all due to our heavy investment in research and development to provide our users and partners with greater experiences and a strong network filled with limitless opportunities.

Meet The Team

Sade Michaela

Founder & CEO

The Most Valued Player. Former Certified Financial Planner, of the UAE’s professional investment and banking firm, Sade is our well-respected director. Known best for her creativity, strong analytical abilities, and business knowledge.

Emma Bright

Public Relations Manager

Emma has worked in media for over 5+ years. Having started out her career in HR, Emma had a vigorous passion for Marketing and Media, so much so, that she was driven to learn more about the industry.

Darren Miller

Art Director

The Creative Master-Mind. Darren has 12 years + in graphic and UX design. Shortlisted for the D&AD awards in 2018, Darren is the visual master-mind in creative arts. Darren manages everything from tech to design.

Jenifer Evans

Head of Marketing & Advertising

The Digital Perfectionist. Jenifer is responsible for all things advertising and marketing with over 15 years + marketing experience, Jenifer is our advertising specialist. ‘Not a big fan of new aged social media marketing’ Jenifer adds definition to our advertising department.

Joseph Greene


The Keen Eye for Details. Joseph is our sub-editor who ensure that all content is up-to-date, and politically correct before sending out for publishing. Joseph loves long walks, and hates coffee!

Adam Johnson

Senior Journalist

Adam is our senior Journalist with over 3 years of experience in journalism. Adam has written articles for many publications including the BBC news, and Men’s Health Magazine. Adam skills are second to none when it comes to being a word smith.

Deluca Siva

Senior Editor

The Embellishment. Deluca is our senior editor who oversees our Fashion department. Deluca is a former luxury fashion buyer in retail who has worked in the industry for over 8 years. She has recently moved back to the UK from working in New York, US.

Natasha Edwards

Researcher & Journalist

The Detective. Natasha is our researcher and journalist who oversees articles, stories and conducts interviews to ensure that only accurate content is published by our editorial board.

Publishing House

Author Publishing

We ensure that your book has a smooth transition from manuscript to the final product paying close attention to the finest details.


Our all-inclusive editing package includes, proof-reading and copy-editing this helps writers to focus on what matters most, great content.

eBook Publishing

Our eBook publishing service enables authors to have their eBooks available on major platforms such as; Amazon, iBook, Kobo, Nook, and more.

Royalties & Copyright

We calculate royalty payments on a rolling basis. Royalties are paid to authors bi-annually in April and December. ​

Start Your Publishing Journey Now.

Our publishing house has all that you need to help you get going!

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Creative Agency

Branding & Design Lab

We are here to help you showcase your brand the way it deserves to be represented. From web design, logos, branding, graphics, prints, to video and animation, bringing your visions to life has never been easier!

Events Management

Our dedicated team of creative professionals guarantee that every event leaves a lasting impression on attendees. From conception through to delivery, we aim to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

TV Advertising

With our all-inclusive package, you will receive a briefing before we offer you the best broadcasting solution. Promote your brand's products, or services campaign on TV within just 4-6 weeks!

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods to promote new season products or services. Our fully optimized plans are targeted to your audience for the best results on the market. ​

Your Brand, Your Story!

Showcasing your grand ideas has never been easier! Get your kick start today with our in-house team of pro designers.

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